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In Jamieson Brewery's time, we have produced a number different beers from Black Ales to Brown and Amber and Bocks!

We now offer the favourites as chosen by the expert tasters in the bar.

Jamieson Raspberry Ale
Jamieson Raspberry Ale has real Raspberries added at the fermenter to give the beer a distinct flavour.

The colour is that of a pale ale but does have a pink tinge and good carbonation.

Raspberry is the aroma and Raspberry is the first flavour on the tip of the tongue. Mid palate is a light biscuit malt flavour and has a dry thirst quenching finish.

A crowd-pleaser, this won a Peoples Choice Award at Federation Square Beer Expo in 2006 & 2007.
Jamieson "Beast" India Pale Ale
The Beast India Pale Ale is based on a NW of US style. Hops, Hops and more Hops.

We have added SIX hop additions to this Beast and you will find a mix of sweet caramel fudge with a spicy pine & citrus aroma. Full, balanced body with strong bitterness and a nice round mouthfeel with some alcohol warmth.

Foamy, dense off-white head with good retention and lots of lacing.

A long dry quenching hop finish caps off a well-rounded beast of a beer.  All very balanced and all very satisfying. A tremendous drop.
Challenge your palate to see how many flavours you can find.
Jamieson Brown Ale
Jamieson Brown Ale is one the first beers to be produced at the Brewery.

Based on a Southern English Brown Ale, this Ale has a classic brown/dark amber colour with sweet nose and hints of toffee and spice with a light roast character and caramel toffee tones.

Received a Silver Award at the Australian International Beer Awards.
Jamieson Mountain Ale
The Mountain Ale is a modified and improved version of the original Dark Wheat Beer.

This is has a dark brown colour with thick foamy head.

This beer has distinct chocolate malt flavour with caramel tones.

The Mountain Ale is brewed with 60% wheat and is unfiltered. The high protein levels of the wheat gives it a creamy smooth finish.

Awarded Silver (Top of Class) Australian International Beer Awards.

Jamieson Pale Ale
The Pale Ale is rich gold color with spicy citrus aromatics.

Nutty malt mid palate and finishing with a solid bitterness that lingers just enough to satisfy the senses.

Awarded Silver at the International Beer Awards.

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